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I'm proud to be alumni

Posted by Ida Penezić on 6th March, 2017
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Alumni Strategy Team started working in August 2016. The goal of the team has been to define Alumni Strategy for the next years in order to raise the involvement of our Alumni, both the of the current Alumni, as well as of the future generations.

Every EESTEC-er that becomes an Alumni surely misses traveling to events and hanging out with other EESTEC-ers. The best proof of this is a large number of Alumni that attended Alumni Congress in Belgrade in April 2016. That’s why we decided that main efforts will be focused on the Alumni Congress that will be organized during Spring Congress in Ljubljana.

EESTEC Alumni reunion in Belgrade in April 2016 EESTEC Alumni reunion in Belgrade in April 2016

By the beginning of 2017, Alumni Relations Team had started working on those goals. We got the huge support from Ljubljana’s Alumni: Peter Ušeničnik, LC Ljubljana Alumni Section president, and Borut Čeh, LC Ljubljana Alumni. As Alumni Relations Coordinator, I would like to tell them one more time – thank you!

After exchanging many emails in order to define some crucial goals of ALC (ALumni Congress), we had one meeting with SCOC (Spring Congress Organizing Committee), in which we defined the 2 session topics. In one of the sessions, we will discuss the involvement and structure of Alumni community, as well as the way of improving the next Alumni Congress(es).

In order to get Alumni applications for ALC, Alumni Relations Team has been making the strategy for PR (Public Relations). Our main guiding principle has been to share with the Alumni facts, articles or photos that they would like to see or be reminded off. That’s why, for the past few months, we have been collecting materials which we could share with the Alumni via the mailing list or on Alumni Facebook page. I must admit it hasn’t been easy to get some materials from Alumni themselves since they are all busy adult people now, who don’t have so much free time anymore. That’s why I would like to thank one more time to the Alumni who sacrificed their free time in order to write an article or find some forgotten photos.

We were able to get 3 “founder” stories – stories that are written by founders of certain LCs. One of those stories is already published on this blog: HOW EVERYTHING STARTED - LC GLIWICE

The Alumni Congress itself will take place from 21 to 23 of April. Friday will be arrival day with Alumni party in the evening, in a well-known club in Ljubljana. It is an opportunity for all the Alumni to meet their old friends and have as much fun as when they were active EESTEC-ers.

On Saturday afternoon, Alumni will be invited to lunch, after which Alumni sessions will be held in a relaxed environment of one Ljubljana’s restaurants. As Saturday is also the first day of Spring Congress, the Opening Ceremony will be held on Saturday evening. After that, both active and Alumni members will be able to party together. It will be a unique opportunity to see many EESTEC generations in one place, which will all one day finish their studies and become Alumni, too.

At the end, I can say, as an alumnus myself, that I’m proud and happy to be part of the organisation of this event. I can’t wait to be there!