Step into the future and follow the wind of digitalization

Posted by Rok Hudobivnik on 19th March, 2017
Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

If anyone asks me, the most important event in EESTEC LC Ljubljana is JobFair, literally a fair where employers from various companies can meet students and potentially find new employees. For ten years in a row the fair has been the pleasure and the pain of many organisers.

This year, however, is different. After a long time, EESTEC LC Ljubljana again has the pleasure of hosting the international Congress.

Since the two events are separated by only one month, the decision has been made to combine them and improve the PR aspect of both of them. They will be connected through a series of events, lectures and workshops of sort.

To make the connection feel more natural and easier to explain, we started brainstorming about potential ideas for an overarching topic that would bind the events together and strengthen the tie between (the kingdoms of men and elves xD) the series of otherwise loosely connected events.

The topic was soon chosen. Digitalization. Digitalization could roughly be described as the transformation from analog to digital, but can also be seen as a step into a new era of industry, a step into the future. We chose this topic because it has a lot of compelling features and started working towards the goal of making it a reality. As is true for any story, this one also needed a catchy name. That is how the Wind of Digitalization was born.

The goal of the connecting story was to bring digitalization closer to students and teach them about different aspects of it. We want to bring up the security pros and cons that come with digitalization, a discussion on the current state of digitalization in companies, government, organisations in Slovenia and much more. To be quite optimistic and a bit naive: we want to educate students on a level they don’t get to see in the classroom.